Constantin Alexander

Director of Beverage

"We have been wanting to move away from plastic for a while now. The Blue Straw fills the gap between cost and product quality. Our staff loves the straws and our customers seem to recognize the brand"

Jennifer Fountain

F&B Property Specialist

"We knew that plastic straws were bad regardless of a straw ban so we decided to get a head start. The Blue Straw was a no brainer after we saw the other options out there. Our customers and staff couldn't be happier."

Scott Shumate

Director of F&B 

"When our corporation decided to ban plastic straws last year we immediately switched to paper, and immediately started getting complaints from our guests. The Blue Straw allows us to stay compliant with company standards AND keeps our guests happy with a straw that doesn't break down before the drink is finished"


The Blue Straw is made by replacing the petroleum with renewable corn starch and switching the binding polymers to degradable plant-based alternatives. By doing so, we have created an eco-friendly alternative to plastic without compromising its integrity. 

Here at Numis, We believe in the idea of strong community and clean beaches which is why we host local beach cleanups and partner with charitable organizations. By rallying members of the community to promote a more sustainable lifestyle, we can make a drastic impact on long term plastic pollution. See how you make a difference.

Changing the world, one drink at a time. 

We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of the industry, continuing to research algae and bacteria based bio-plastics that will revolutionize the industry worldwide. 500 million straws get used every day and we are determined to replace every one of them with a biodegradable alternative. Straws are just the beginning in a long list of single use disposables we are committed to change. 

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

-Muhatma Ghandi

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